Thursday, 11 April 2013

Advantages and Disadvantages of biogas digester

 Advantages and Disadvantages of biogas digester

biogas plant diagram


Advantages  biogas digester

  • Generation of biogas and fertiliser (almost complete retention of the fertiliser nutrients (N, P and K)
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through methane recovery
  • Combined treatment of different organic waste and wastewaters
  • Reduction of solids to be handled (e.g. less excess sludge)
  • Good pathogen removal depending on temperature
  • Process stability (high-loads can be treated but anaerobic sludge can also be preserved for prolonged periods without any feeding)

 Disadvantages  biogas digester

  • Small- and middle-scale anaerobic technology for the treatment of solid waste in middle- and low-income countries is still relatively new
  • Experts are required for the design and construction, depending on scale may also for operation and maintenance
  • Reuse of produced energy (e.g. transformation into, fire/light, heat and power) needs to be established
  • High sensitivity of methanogenic bacteria to a large number of chemical compounds
  • Sulphurous compounds can lead to odour


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