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Advantages of Biogas

Advantages of Biogas / Gobar Gas

Advantages of Biogas,Photo Source:

Most impressive is the range of Advantages that bio-gas plants provide beyond just the primary benefit of gas are following:

  1.   Excrement from animals and humans is turned from waste to benefit.
  2. The waste collected from one cow or buffalo provides enough gas for regular cooking needs.
  3.   Families with more animals and a larger plant could also use gas for electricity generation.
  4. The gas is a renewable, clean-burning source of fuel.
  5. Gas replaces wood or charcoal for cooking, eliminating the need to cut firewood and greatly reducing deforestation.
  6.   Families in unforested areas no longer have to pay for firewood or charcoal, saving them money.
  7. The post-digestion slurry is (nearly) free of pathogens and creates excellent natural fertilizer and mulch for crops, eliminating the need for families to buy chemical fertilizers, saving them money and retaining more nutrients in the land.
  8. Using gas instead of wood or charcoal eliminates respiratory health issues caused by inhaling smoke from open fires in kitchens and open spaces which affects women especially (who do most of the cooking)
  9. Toilets (or pit latrines) are needed to collect human waste, leading many families to have toilets for the first time. This is important for proper sanitation, which allows many families and children to avoid disease
  10.  Gas provides fuel for boiling water, sterilizing it and saving families and children from waterborne diseases (many people already know to boil water, but where fuel is scarce or expensive, free gas may lead to families feeling freer to boil water more consistently)
  11. If used for lighting, families can avoid using kerosene and its dangers–smoke inhalation and risk of fires and burns.
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