Tuesday, 9 October 2012

WORLD SPACE WEEK (October 4-10)

We live on Earth and love this place as it gives us food, water and shelter. But is there anything more lovable than this planet of ours?? Absolutely yes!! Allah Almighty has invited us to see the magnificence and glory of His creations.

In Holy Quran, Allah has said:

"(God is) the One Who created the night, the day, the sun and the moon. Each one is travelling in an orbit with its own motion."
 (Surah Al Anbya)

He has created a well-organized Solar system; the heart of which is the SUN. Planets are revolving in fixed orbits around the Sun. Adorned with galaxies and stars; space is the most beautiful part of the entire Universe. The quest of mankind has unveiled the beautiful secrets that existed in the Universe for centuries.
United States General Assembly declared World Space Week as an International celebration of Space explorations through the spell of Science and Technology. This week starts from October 4th and continues till October 10th World Space Week commemorates the launch of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957 and the signing of the Outer Space Treaty on October 10, 1967.

The 13th Annual World Space Week is being celebrated with great colors. The celebrations include holdings of various events, for instance, rocket launches, exhibitions, demonstrations, activities in schools and various other public awareness programs throughout the globe. Event Organizers of World Space Week 2012 include:
·         SUPARCO
·         UK Space Agency
·         Space Foundation
The objectives behind holding the celebrations of this week are tremendous. Educating people about the benefits of space explorations, promoting scientific interests in youth and encouraging innovations in this field are the main aims of celebrating World Space Week.

What is Space?
Space is the boundless part of our Universe, where Sun, planets, stars, asteroids and comets exist. Observations of objects in space led to Space exploration; which was conducted by human flights and by robotic spacecrafts as well. The history of space exploration dates back to the successful development of rockets during the early 20th century, which enabled human beings to peep into the outside world!!   
The exploration of Space has conventionally brought great dangers as well as great blessings to humankind. How can anyone dare to observe the unseen? How can any quest overcome the dangers embedded in exploration of any unknown object in an unknown place? Those who gather the courage to step into a strange world, with no guarantee of their lives are called "Astronauts" 

Success Story:
It is not hard to realize the importance of Space Research and Exploration. Going back to the    evolution of space exploration, we come across the fact that it was the curiosity of man about stars that led him to the navigation of oceans. Later he used telescopes to observe the universe, planets, the Sun and the moon.
·         Moving from one horizon to another in thirst of knowledge, mankind realized the existence of the largest energy reservoir of the Universe i.e. The Sun which is now referred to as the solar disc. So now we are reaping the benefits of solar energy to a large extent.
·         Imagine a world without communication!!! Satellite communication is one of the major twists that Space exploration has brought to our lives. Telephones, Televisions, Satellite radio and Satellite Internet are some of the tremendous applications of Satellite communication. It is widely used for military communication applications such as Global command and Control Systems.
·         Global Positioning System is the technology on which sea trade (for food, grains, fossil fuels etc.) depends. It helps by providing ships with correct essential navigation information. A person standing in an unknown place can easily configure his location through GPS.
·         Remote sensing satellites have enabled mankind to enjoy the benefits of weather forecasting. We can rely on weather forecasting reports and plan our schedules accordingly. Moreover, we can get predictions about Natural disasters through the use of these Satellites.
·         In the field of medicine, space exploration has a remarkable impact. Today doctors use scientific technologies which resulted from space exploration, to treat their patients. Such medical products are called "space spin-offs  Radiation therapy, foldable walkers, CAT and MRI scans, muscle stimulator device and pace maker are some of the examples of space spin-offs. Astronauts were not the only people who benefited from these discoveries rather they became the cause of cure for the ailing humanity.
Being Muslims we must pay special heed to the research of Space as we have been commanded by our Lord to observe His wonderful creations; as these creations are the signs of His Glory and His Rule over the Universe.

"And He it is Who has made the stars for you that you might follow the right way thereby in the darkness of the land and the sea. Indeed We have made plain the signs for a people who know." 
 (Surah Al Anaam)

Keeping in view the importance of Space research and Exploration, National Academy of young scientists (NAYS) and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) is trying to encourage youth to take interest in exploring the hidden facts of the Universe, utilizing the research that has already been conducted in this field. Everything in this universe needs your attention!!!  


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