Saturday, 23 March 2013

Biogas plant photos Pakistan

Movable dome plant

This is old type of biogas plant name is movable dome (Gas Tank)plan, this model is very common and successful in Pakistan, India and Nepal.this plant consist of following parts or components.
  1. Gas tank (Movable dome) 

  2. Digester tank (well)

  3. Inlet (dung and water passage to digester) 

  4. outlet (Slurry storage and excrete) 

  5. gas volve

  6. Gas Pipe

  7. Biogas special type of stove (different from ordinary stove)

moveable biogas plant model

moveable biogas plant model gas holder or storage tank

digging well for plant


plant construction

plant inlet (Indraaj)

Inlet construction

plant in construction process

lard plant

biogas moisture filter

gas tank field with gas

digging well for plant

digging well

digging well

Biogas Stove


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