Friday, 15 March 2013

Video: Biogas plant in India

bio gas plant video

 three clauses of the one point two billion Indian nationals living room area nearly all of them are dependent on firewood gathered by cutting down trees and connecting the answers each household requires about five kilograms of would today use if I would lead to continue his deforestation the burning of his biomass which is regarded as non renewable call the c_o_ two emissions moreover smoking fumes inside the homes of a cause for spiritually diseases which are prevalent in most of the population the gathering of wood which is time-consuming and quite dangerous as well as the fumes the fact people got sick basket getting Aachen but for a growing number of times his way up the backbone of Indian agriculture there are approximately three hundred million cows in India producing about one point five million tons of dumb every day the cal deng holds enormous potential for climate protection measures as well as for Indian households families will soon be able to tap into it has a number of bio gas plants already being built the members of in cedar an ngo umbrella organization help the villagers to finance and built the biogas plants Leyland miles the head of in cedar was involved in the development of the prevailing type of clinton this plant was also erected with support from a singer one in order to be able to throw one hindered into the underground stonewalled fermentation container we don't need speech properly diluted daily about seventy five liters of water and seventy five kilograms of dharma necessary to produce the maximum amount of bio gas as avoiding the combustion of wood the mission of c_e_o_ too and the city council committee he became a bit too right and that failure pinned on the clients basically wanted to double for release fortifications worth the trouble with this was which is on the board at this time what they're using the to retrieve your valuable at a distance there's a reason to own approximately around four to five total for two or three inches for a number plant generates enough by a guest to be able to cook all daily meal even sheila now during evening hours pension and clean water is basically available at any time they've got to go about there by the ice is that it has sixty percent you can and forty percent c o did becomes a gas which will be seeing it will not be explored uh... for the children the most important things that he is a completely the canal is much more time for playing and for school and I think it may mean elected here kind I didn't even get back I think that's project is the classical example for the benefits the common market can bring specially to areas like this one without common financing without the additional cash flow from the carbon credits projects like these would've never happened this climate protection project carried out by in Seattle g_t_e_'s ed and with the support the first time and is certified to the gold standard which not only takes into account the climate protection potential dot also focuses on social and economic benefits for the population mugen just one of numerous examples for such additional uses stones of the night before fine takers in the cosmetics industry is and the dried fruits can also be marketed by the village residents quickly learning where the big money because I really had they were clapping uh... by batik you know those uh... meme and whoopi's those specially those pigs and all that from the media so they were not getting mangal but doesn't want economic activity and deserve by a gas potential for Indian households decent it is estimated that twenty million Clarence could cut greenhouse gas emissions by over two hundred thousand tons everyday winced at the same time promoting sustainable improvement of living conditions who were in India


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