Friday, 15 March 2013

Envisaj Mercy Club Biogas Project

remind wanted dot com to talk to you mercy college here receiver meaning the center for sustainable development starting with or envisage resentful of the environmental sustainability of justice commerce is first looking at all aspects of sustainability from environmental to social financial economic looking at the welfare components for the other ninety percent mercies historical interest is not class name who has been a mercy mission college and we're trying to do things that have hands on and relevant for students who have experiences around the world and even here in new York for example post hurricane sandy where the existential dilemma of survival is not just academic when I’m holding on to hear is a solar cities i_d_c_ biodata jester prototype solar cities ngo that heightened running with my wife's angela propane Germany than ever now working with the in signal in the morning region that makes the food writers we used to feed are by the estate justice insulate an American five oh one c_ three nonprofit and the idea is that anybody anywhere can make a bad adjusted returns there kitchen garbage and if they like their twelve weeks as well into safe clean methane gas that's truly natural gas which can be used for cooking for healing for running and absorption chiller or refrigerator from lighting and of course to generate electricity in easier modified standard generator rate for disasters situations that's we saw here in new York for example celebrating endeavors ecology to the main hall we have another tank already set up there for this important he's of the sustainability puzzle we consider the center of the entire sustainability movement because once you use kitchen and toilet waste for bio gas which everybody in the world has and dob local materials you can then build around that the other more in travel more in the intermittent energy sources such as solar thermal photovoltaic wind power geothermal power and various uh... more exotic technologies like fuel cells but the kitchen waste garbage waste renewable energy solution is the center of this perm culture system concentric circles and the property reports the college we're beginning this research today

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