Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Video documentary about Biogas Plant ((Anaerobic Digester)

Video documentary about Biogas Plant ((Anaerobic Digester)

Video from youtube published by India Environment Portal youtube channel

Biogas now provides a more reliable source of power than the national grid. Long promoted as the solution to the energy crisis of poor rural communities who had exhausted their available resources of biomass - like fuel wood - biogas is now gaining ground in urban areas too. Michelle Maillet's film shows that more prosperous Indian city residents are also moving over to biogas - powering generators, cooking stoves and even factories with the gas generated from cow dung and organic waste from street markets. New modern biogas digestors are becoming an efficient supplementary power supply, helping to lessen dependence on expensive fossil fuels. And with India's abundant supply of labour, biogas is finally proving a viable energy source in paper and pulp industry, distilleries, food process units and various other industries.

Watch Video:Part 1

Watch Video:Part2

Video Source:Youtube India Environment Portal, Television Trust For The Environment (TVE)


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