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Mini Biogas Digester

Mini Biogas Digester


biogas digester science experimental project by students of Pakistan science club this digester produce biogas by anaerobic digestion

Mini Biogas Plant Video tutorial youtube
Welcome to Pakistan science club, I am Sana mehmood and today I will explain how to make a bio gas plant. Hassan and Habab from Pakistan science club are also with us.
The things which we need to make bio gas plant are:
20l water bottle
PVC pipes
PVC caps
Gas valve, funnel and tyre tube
First of all cut PVC pipe equal to the bottle
We mark according to the length and then we will cut it
We have cut the PVC pipe according to the bottle's size.
Now insert the pipe into the bottle
To insert we mark here so that we can cut it easily
We have to make a hole here
As you can see that we have made the hole with soldering iron to fix the pipe
The pipe goes very straight into the bottle but we have to be careful that the pipe should be two inch above from the surface.
Now we fix outer pipe in it,
It should be completely opposite
We have entered both pipes into it
The best and easiest way to make it air tight is throw some soil in it and then apply super glue on it
Inlet and outlet pipe is connected to mini biogas Plant
Now we will connect a gas pipe in it which will connect with tube after connecting with t and that is the point where all gas gets collect
The other valve of it will be connected to our burner
Now we ask them how it will work and what materials are used.
We can produce bio gas with dung and many other waste materials
Firstly we store dung and then we seal it and leave it for some days
The bacteria will produce in one or two weeks and these bacteria will produce gas
Whatever gas produce will get store in tight tube
The construction of bio gas has completed
Now we will paint it with black color
The reason behind painting it black is that as you can see that the bottle is transparent and light will penetrate easily so Algae will grow
If the Algae grow then oxygen will be produced and when oxygen produced the bacteria will respire aerobically
That’s why we will paint black color and it also maintain digester temperature -----------------
As you can see that finally our bio gas digester---- has completed
Now we will put mixture of dung and water in it
Take equal amounts of water and dung
If the dung is ten kg water should be ten liter
Our project is finally completed now we will leave it for a week and then we will check the results.
Assalam-o-Alaikum Welcome back to Pakistan science club,
Last time we put dung (Gobar) in our mini biogas digester
The time has come to test
The bio-gas is produced not
Our gas tube full with gas
Now tyre tube seems filled with biogas
Our biogas plant experiment has been successful
Now we will put different waste material to test production of biogas

 Source: Build a Mini Biogas Plant Video tutorial


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