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Make your own Methane Biodigester

Make your own Methane Biodigester  

 Material Required:

1.       40, 50 gallon Plastic drum
2.       Plastic tube
3.       Shutoff valves
4.       Sealer
5.       4” dia PVC Pipe
 you will need one forty and one fifty gallon drum
a tightly seal able fifty gallon container plastic tubing shutoff valves and sealer 4 or 5 inch diameter PVC  pipe

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Assembling of biodigester

Cut 2 holes into the seal-able drums lid one is the size of the PVC pipe and one the size of the plastic tubing place them at opposite ends of the lid cut out the bottom of the PVC pipe so the only have two remains

like this

Sealed the container and place the PVC pipe into at hole. This’ll be where you insert  the digester feed stock.
 Remove anything around rim of small fifty-gallon drum
This tank holds the gas
Capturing it between its roof in water
Cut two holes into the bottom of the forty gallon drums same as rubber tube
One whole will connect the seals great container
cut the tubing into 2 section 1 will connect the sealed container with the other drum.
And the 1 will let gas out.
Insert the shorter piece of tube in to the upside-down drum
Any other section of the other bottom so that goes down the full length of the drum
The other end of this tube connect to the sealed container
Attach the valve to gas release hose so the gas will escape. Then seal all connection
Each tube or pipe needs to be air tight.
Wait for these connections to dry. Fill the unused fifty-gallon drum water about two-thirds
Place the gas container upside down into the water and now digester has complete
Feedstock goes into the white pipe which produces methane gas (biogas) trapped in blue container


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